Jagoo Films is a Chinese movie and TV media brand that is dedicated to the global dissemination of Chinese culture. Adhering to global vision and high-quality philosophy, it deep ploughs domestic and international imaging markets, focuses on the operation and distribution of movie and TV programs as core competitiveness, and meanwhile invests in the fields of image copyright development, holographic cinemas, original music, etc. Jagoo Films mainly supplies for China Media Group, “Overseas Media Feeding Program” of The State Council Information Office, National Geographic and other platforms.

    • Collaboration
    • Collaboration

      Legendary China

      The company and the newly established Wuzhou Communication Center jointly build a large-scale film and television series communication project "Legendary China", aiming at spreading the charm of Chinese culture, telling good Chinese stories and displaying China's international image. The project is positioned as a large-scale publicity project of Chinese cultural brands, including documentaries, cinema lines, international promotional activities and other forms.

      Bashu Legend

      The company has jointly produced and released a large-scale natural and humanistic documentary "The Legend of Bashu" with the newly established Wuzhou Communication Center and National Geographic of the United States. The project includes six documentaries (52 minutes edition) and international publicity activities.

      China in the Secret

      The company and Morgane Group of France jointly produced and released a large-scale seasonal documentary "China in the Secret Land", aiming at displaying the humanistic charm of Chinese local cities to the whole world in an all-round and three-dimensional way, so that the world can know more about China's unknown national customs, rare animals, food kingdom, wisdom life and so on.

      Panda Kingdom

      The company and Wuzhou Communication Center, Beijing Miaodao Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. jointly developed the zoo line film Panda Kingdom, which tells the love history, parenting history, field training history and release history of three giant panda mothers. Romance in love, insecurity in mating, leisure time in pregnancy, pain and joy in childbirth, overflow of maternal love in childbearing, helplessness in facing death and separation in field training, etc. The film is filmed in 4K. Each shot is a real record. It will be the first 4K version of the world's pure record of the panda cinema line film. It will show the panda world to the global audience that has never seen before.

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    • Core Team

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China Aviation Pictures Co. Ltd was officially registered in 2016. Adhering to the global vision and high-quality concept, the company is deeply engaged in the international and domestic image market, with the operation and distribution of film and television projects as its core competitiveness, and is committed to the international dissemination of Chinese culture. Mainly supply CCTV and local satellite TV, the State Council Information Office "Overseas Media for Film Program", French TV, German and French public television, Ichiyi, Tencent video and other platforms.

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